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A woman in her 40s who had a substance abuse addiction, was in and out of recovery, and was having marriage issues attended EVCWMC’s IGNITED event.  Her husband had texted one of our core committee members regarding the home situation and how he wanted his wife to attend. She did attend, accepted Jesus and the countenance on her face had changed from when she first arrived at the event! After she returned home, her husband texted the same committee member to thank her and all of us. He could see the difference in her!

A young woman in her 30s who was without a job shared with us that she was praying for God to place her in just the right job, where He wanted her to be. She had been praying for a lengthy amount of time about this with one of our core committee members who knew her. At the event, she chatted with our Keynote speaker,  Kari Lake who asked her if she had a job! Kari gave her a card and asked her to call the office regarding a job opportunity!

God is faithful! 
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