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Kerri Pomarolli

Kerri Pomarolli charms and inspires audiences as she shares her stories about her life in Hollywood as an actress, working mother, and Christian.

Kerri Pomarolli Background

As a former recurring character on soaps such as Port Charles, General Hospital, the Young and the Restless and a few parts in movies, Kerri Pomarolli was attracting big hitters in the entertainment industry. She came to Hollywood searching out that one role that would make her famous but found compromising her faith was not worth the star on the Walk of Fame.

After much prayer one night, it was apparent that God had other plans for her as a stand-up comedian. She was led to her first gig at the world-famous Hollywood Improv.

Since that time Kerri has become one of "Hollywood’s biggest Christian Spokespeople.” She is a national headlining stand -up comedian who has worked with everyone from Jay Leno, Jim Carey, to Jerry Lewis and others. Kerri’s  been featured on The Tonight Show 29 times, Comedy Central, ABC, CBS, and many more. 

Kerri is also a screenwriter who sold her second film script to the Hallmark Channel. 

She's passionate about her faith and has been featured on CNN News as A Christian in Hollywood, TBN, CBN, and others. She has toured with Family Life Today to sold-out crowds of over 10,000 as well as touring with well-known Christian authors and musical artists.

In addition to speaking and comedy engagements, Kerri is currently featured on the Roku channel and Netflix. Her latest two books, Confessions of a Proverbs 32 Woman and She Rises Late and Her Kids Make Her Breakfast: Devotions for the Proverbs 32 Woman, hit the bestsellers list on Amazon. Kerri has also launched a podcast with her 13-year old daughter, Lucy: This Is Not A Good Idea.  Kerri currently resides in Hollywood, California with her two daughters, Ruby and Lucy.

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